The Civil Ground Patrol is a Utah coalition of volunteers who train and organize to defend their neighbors, their community, support their local law enforcement and the United States Constitution.

The Civil Ground Patrol is not a militia. Our goal is simply to keep our neighborhoods safe and our community protected without the sacrifice of liberty or peace.


The Civil Ground Patrol is devoted to providing a learning source for anyone willing and able to defend their community. It is encouraged that every member help recruit more members. Talk with friends, neighbors, promote on the internet, do whatever you can to get the word out and let people know we are here for them.

We ARE NOT a Militia; nor will we challenge alleged government corruption unless by peaceful methods.

We ARE NOT an anti-government site nor an anarchy, terrorist, or bomb site.

We DO NOT advocate the violent overthrow of the state of Utah or the United States Government.

We DO NOT advocate the use of force offensively when no hostilities are in effect.

Racism has no place in the Civil Ground Patrol. All are created equal here and you must respect your fellow members. Slurs, baiting another member, antagonizing, disrespect, or demeaning another member are grounds for immediate termination of your membership.

You will be dismissed for:

  • Advocating any illegal activity.

  • Advocating first strike military action of any kind

  • Violating any of the rules previously stated

  • Treating a Utah citizen with disrespect, threatening remarks, intimidation, or assault of any kind

  • Possession or consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs at a Civil Ground Patrol sanctioned event to include training, recruiting events, public outreach or support activities, or any venue in which such behavior is normally deemed inappropriate.

If you ever hear someone say something to you or you overhear someone saying any of the following, you must report it immediately to the Organization:

  • Members making racial slurs

  • Members discussing or planning the illegal use of explosives.

  • Members discussing or planning any kind of assassination

  • Members calling for violence when no defensive action is proper

  • Members suggesting attacking local, county or state law enforcement or federal agents or their headquarters or other buildings

  • Members suggesting overthrowing local, state, or federal government

  • Members attempting to create division in the organization or an associated group along racial, religious, or political1 lines

1Participating members should refrain from political discussions and their actions must remain nonpartisan. And while off-duty members are completely free to engage in politics, members who mutually agree to discuss politics with other members must always remain courteous and reasonably refrain from creating division.


We are NOT a Milita CIVIL GROUND PATROL 2020 UtahCivilGroundPatrol.com